In a blink of an eye you can miss all of life

Have you ever wondered how much life you miss when you sleep, sleep is a necessity. So this waste of time is a required passing. So we still have 2/3 of our lives left. How do you want to spend it? What do you consider valuable in life? What do you want to do in life to have no regrets.

In all the turmoils in my adult life I can say I wasted twenty years. My first twenty years of my adult. And now I am trying to catch up.

How did I waste those twenty years? Fighting with my first wife. Arguing with my less deserving children. Involving myself with mundane activity.

After my second marriage, which I am still for the twenty years has been the greatest and most exciting time of my life. And I can thank my son Tommy, 1976 – 2001. He taught me a lesson in life. Live to the fullest. And take all the Chances you need to enjoy life. Because it only comes once.

I want to share one of those once in a lifetime moments. If I was asleep I would have missed this; if I was talking in a void I would have miss this. And it does not matter what others think. I know the people on the bus thought I was absolutely insane. After that they never stop talking about the experience they had. And it lasted only a minute. The time it took To cross the bridge. I saw this structure way ahead. Miles away. And I was on the wrong side of the bus. I got up and with the camera I ran from one side of the bus to the other. luckily the bus driver was nice. And he even slowed down. For the next 900 miles it was not me they talked about. But what the experience and the high they had when they watched what I was taking the picture of. And they would never forget this day. For the first time they saw something that they passed everyday and yet never notice the beauty. I will show you in sequence. Enjoy the beauty; the majesty; and the divine revelation of such a structure. A structure that is the standard for this great country.