In today’s world this is what keeps my sanity.

The Miraculous Medal of the Blessed Mother.

I wonder where have our world gone wrong.

It is not wars or starvation that is destroying mankind. It is the small unnoticeable chipping away of the daily immorality and illicit thinking.

Where shall we go? Today the solution is not a grandiose event. But individual reconciliation. And personal homage to the one God. It does not matter what names may God have. Only that it is the same God of all.

The Robin Hood Society

Last night I got to experience the joy of generosity. A man and his wife dropped off toys for those children who are ill. It was a beautiful moment short lived. When you see extreme sick children it is heart wrenching. An hour later a new shift came in and the person ask what is that all about all the boxes. I told her. And she was eyeing certain toys. Instead of being happy for the sick children she thought out load one of the toys would be nice for her healthy grandson. Had no intention of donating money for the toy.

Sadly this is not one individual’s idea that a poor person should expect hand outs without any responsibility. This is the norm for today’s poor in our nation. And politicians are building on giving the poor what they don’t have.

Does the poor have any pride? Do they have any conscience that would wake them up? Awake them from the idea that someone else’s riches will not make them happy. It will only make them worse than the rich before them. Napoleon and Josephine are the prime example. Those that they beheaded and attain their riches were no better. And later suffered the same fate as their predecessor.

It is sad times to come. A beggars country.

What is. Lent to you?

Like abraham!!!

With no disrespect, those who are sincere in God’s forgiveness and being Catholic, should not humility play a bigger part in what is Lent all about? I see a lot of Catholics parading around with ashes like it is a fashion wear.

It is interesting that Saint Francis was humble. And spoke about our Catholic faith being shallow and proud of their riches. He lived a lifetime of Lent. Are anyone today willing to live as Saint Francis did? A lifetime Lent without letting the whole world know.

Just to let you know I am Catholic. And I need to be humble. I am no Saint. Closer to Hell than Heaven. Not bragging but i try to pray for God’s forgiveness. I need it.

In Latin America some churches the people go up the stairs on their knees into the church. These people are hungry. Dress in rags. Now there…

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With happiness comes regrets

My life has consisted of many lives. Many lives of happiness. And many lives of sadness and of regrets. The regrets shall be judged only by God and my own heart. My happiness and sadness can only be managed by my perseverance and want for life.

I look at my happiness and ask God why. Why does God reward me when I am undeserving. I look at my sadness and understand that is the consequences of my wrong doing. And deserve worse.

From my innocents


To my corrupt self.


Maybe I am being dramatic. But is it not what life to be, drama?

Ask yourself what is life to you. Thirty years ago I would have said it was hell. Now it is all beautiful. But still with sorrow.

That is life. Think hard and once you understand then live to the fullest.

The power of the media. The love of hate.

Sadly lately the news people don’t want to show the good in anyone. I am sickened that they promote the news to encourage violence and not the peaceful resolution in what is going on. They tend to be encouraging revenge instead of positive work to resolve the thinking of the American people. So far lately I am seeing the worse on Facebook from both sides. 

Seeking revenge on one person will not solve the deep seeded problem that exist. 

I have been all over the world. And been with many different customs and societies. And this week in Facebook I am shock by people. People I thought I knew. I have never seen so much hatred. And it really disappoint me. Today I talk with my Pastor about what I am seeing. And it seems you can see the enjoyment the news people report the worse behavior. I think that all of us must raise ourselves above these news people wants and work together to resolve and educate the future generation of everyone. This can not be solved in an instant. I thought that we have progress. But I am disappointed in the younger generation with their hate for each other. I feel like everything that has been worked for in the past 50 years has been destroyed. It is terrible.

Promise and don’t keep it

What is it like to be promise something and not kept? We are not talking about politicians or celebrities. We are talking about everyday normal people. They tend to be full of crap.

Is it better to be promised and not be given? Or to be told no? So you don’t get your hopes up and be disappointed.

Friends do it. Family does it. And sometimes the consequences can be devastating. You are waiting on their delivery of their promise. And nothing happens.

How many times in your life does this happens?

And now you realize the best person to depend on is yourself and your spouse and God. The rest don’t even give a moment’s thought.

Learn to be on your own. And don’t wait for something to happen. It never will.

I have waited many times. And been disappoint many times. I have learned to dust my feet of these people. And move own. It may be hard. But it is a better ending. A better life.

Sometimes a life alone with fulfillment is better than life with many and disappointments.