Fahrenheit 451

Have you ever watch your local news. Here we have a woman anchor that has a fake smile and portrays that they know what is best for you. All excited shows what you need to do to eat right. Join this club. And these pathetic women like robots follow her.

Then it is your reality shows. You are cheering for the bad guy to nail the other. And they get a prize for being nasty.

Let us all join and be happy. Then when we are alone without the TV we take pills to bring our happiness back. We are so shallow that we wear the same clothes, whether fat or skinny. You look so beautiful. Even though you are busting out or looking like you are from starving Africa.

In other words, to talk your lingo, forget living your own life. And be like your TV reality hero with ill manners and bad breath. Then when you are at the end of your life you can answer the question at the gates. Who are you? “uh…..the situation?????


The greatest part of life is the unexpected. Instead of considering that bad, welcome it as an adventure. In the future you will look back and see it was not so bad after all. Take it by the horns and enjoy the conquest when you turned it into a positive.

Where are the heroes.

What happened to hero worshiping? Today people says God will take care of us. Even in the days of Moses there were heroes. Is not Christ a hero? Is not Mohammid a hero? And no matter how imperfect John Kennedy was a hero. John Glenn, astronaut was one.

Today the heros are falling.

It is up to us to take the banner. In our small ways we can make a difference.

How about it. Are we ready? Lets go for it.

Short term


We have elected new people who promised to bring the deficit down. But no one thought of the ramifications. What are they cutting? Are they thinking of what will effect the people who elected them?

We have a governor who says he is going create 700,000 jobs. But he has laid off teachers, and government workers. No doubt there is a lot of waist in government. But to penalize the future of this country is short sighted. The education in the state of Florida and other states are poor. Shall we make it worse?

So next time you vote, make sure you know the cost of your vote.


Sit down. Sit straight. Close your eyes. Clear your mind. No music or noise around. Relax….Relax…..Relax.

Ask yourself what was the nicest thing you did for someone. And if you can answer that then you had a good day.

Relax…..Relax…..Relax……Good night….Sweet dreams

Holidays and church

Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, what is the difference. It is all an excuse for acting bad. You max your credit. You have an attitude that should be flush down the toilet. You blow the horn at someone who is being careful not to run over everyone. You give the middle finger to those who does not adhere to your wishes. You cuss out the cashier who over charged you in error. And you buy enough gifts for your child that by the end of the holiday they are bored and are enjoying play with the boxes they came in. And then on Christmas day and Easter Sunday morning you have the audacity to go to church to ask God to protect and take care if their family.

Who are you fooling. Instead of being on your knees how about going back to the driver you blew the horn at. The person you gave the middle finger. The cashier you cussed at. And your child who you overwhelmed with gifts you could not afford. And say I was wrong. I am sorry. I will act like a human being. Then come back to church and pray. Instead of putting yourself first and hurting everyone. Open the door and let everyone in before you. Loosely quoted, it is better to sit at the end of the table and be call up than it is to sit at the head of the table and be told to go back to the end.

Happy Holiday.

State of mind

What is really growing old? Is it our bodies or our minds. When I ran in track we were taught that our minds will tire before our bodies. That is the same with growing old.

Take two places and their different view of growing old. In Miami Florida people who are in their sixties and seventies are more at the doctors than enjoying their lives. They are either walking with walkers or canes. By eighty they are in nursing homes. Where as in the fittest state in the union, Colorado, they are riding their bikes through the mountains of Vail. Breathing the brisk air. Extremely healthy.

I am sixty and I will be damned if I am going to let age control me.

And the doctors want you to grow old and become dependent. It is a state of mind.