Florida, the police state of the union?

An interesting conclusion, is Florida the police state capital of the world? Not as to law enforcement officer but a state of mind.

Today I was at Aventura mall taking pictures of the Christmas decorations. I took hundreds of pictures. A long time young beautiful friend tapped me and made a kidding comment. Gave her a hug and kiss and talked for about an hour. After we departed our own ways and I was taking a picture of a hanging ornament from the ceiling. I was approached by an over zealous security guard that I was not allowed to take pictures of the stores. I told her I wasn’t. I was taking pictures of the christmas decorations. She said to take pictures of someone else to be taking pictures. I press the issue and she walked away. I continued to take pictures of the christmas decorations. Other guards walked by and no problem. Just to let you know I was not using a phone camera but a real camera with lenses that can zoom in on a person across a football field length wise. This is not the first time this has happened. In palm beach a policeman stopped me and I was taking a picture of the beautiful architecture of its city hall. The arch. My wife and I were almost arrested. But his partner told him to leave us be.

I have been to two communist countries and one war zone. And all over the world and never been stop. Also I took pictures openly in the US capital and Supreme Court. No one stop me. And there they have snippers targeting you.

What happened to the land of the free. I am proud of my country. So what is happening in Florida? Are they seceding from the union:-).

Retailers, you got to be kidding

Okay, yes it is sad when retail greed rules over family. But which is worse? Retailers opening Thanksgiving night. Or Sears and JCP claiming they are not doing the same because they believe in family. Please. Who are they fooling? Did Sears forget they opened last year Thanksgiving morning. Sorry, we don’t forget. The only reason Sears did not do it this year because it cost more to keep the stores open. And JCP would do the same if it were profitable. So Sears tell the truth. You started this.

So Sears and JCP don’t act so high and mighty. You will be there next year along with the rest because of profits.

If you are supporters of family you should donate the profits made on Thanksgiving to the homeless kitchens.

And the public, you need to control your spending. And live in your means.

And boycott these stores. It is wrong for these employees to be taken away from their families. Christmas is next.

Hello Republicans. Wake up

55% of Republicans find Cain’s sexual harassment irrelevant. Are you people stupid? You worry and make an issue about Mormons with Romney. And then you are not worried about a man who allegedly has degraded women in the work place.

What bothers me is not the act of ten years ago but the reaction of the Republican party, irrelevant.

Ladies of the Republican party are you ready to go back twenty years when the only way you can move up is sleeping up.

And you so call Christians, where are you ethics and morals?

I am not satisfied this administration now. But I am surely not going to back a man that allegedly can not control his dog attributes. Anyone who has the inability to control his sexual wants is lower than a dog in heat.

Ladies wake up. Your dignity is at stake here.

The line

A tyrant. What do we do with tyrants? Yes tyrants kills others
and destroys survivor’s lives.

Today we saw a tyrant killed in the streets. When we resort to that we need to ask ourselves the question. When we kill a fellow human being, no matter what his crimes may be, without due process, what differs us from him? No doubt he deserve death. But we should not lower ourselves to their levels? And review all situations. See what other government ties with this animal. How were we getting our resources?

This is not to say we are wrong. We just need to look at our selves in the mirror and see if our reflectIon is of that monster.

So think before we continue in celebration. Who are we killing? The monster dragged in the streets or ourselves? Where do we draw the line? Are we any different? Or are we that tyrant that some day we will be dragged in the streets and shot? An exhibit to be displayed?

So think first.

Fahrenheit 451

Have you ever watch your local news. Here we have a woman anchor that has a fake smile and portrays that they know what is best for you. All excited shows what you need to do to eat right. Join this club. And these pathetic women like robots follow her.

Then it is your reality shows. You are cheering for the bad guy to nail the other. And they get a prize for being nasty.

Let us all join and be happy. Then when we are alone without the TV we take pills to bring our happiness back. We are so shallow that we wear the same clothes, whether fat or skinny. You look so beautiful. Even though you are busting out or looking like you are from starving Africa.

In other words, to talk your lingo, forget living your own life. And be like your TV reality hero with ill manners and bad breath. Then when you are at the end of your life you can answer the question at the gates. Who are you? “uh…..the situation?????


The greatest part of life is the unexpected. Instead of considering that bad, welcome it as an adventure. In the future you will look back and see it was not so bad after all. Take it by the horns and enjoy the conquest when you turned it into a positive.

Where are the heroes.

What happened to hero worshiping? Today people says God will take care of us. Even in the days of Moses there were heroes. Is not Christ a hero? Is not Mohammid a hero? And no matter how imperfect John Kennedy was a hero. John Glenn, astronaut was one.

Today the heros are falling.

It is up to us to take the banner. In our small ways we can make a difference.

How about it. Are we ready? Lets go for it.