Liar liar pants on fire. Not limited to only politicians.

Today politicians are taking the lead in lying all the time for their own gains. And sadly it is not limited to politicians. Now it is assumed that if the politicians lies why can’t the common people do that.

Yesterday I was only asking a question about a picture I saw that was posted on Instagram. Little I would find out it shook the person up and they resorted to lying on the identity of the two people. I recheck and it was the people I thought I saw. I may be old but I am not blind. And sadly I was just complimenting the picture and video as being cute. Nothing harmful. So this was a beautiful compliment turned into a bad experience. Lying does not help. If they were honest this would not have turned bad.

What is it with people hiding behind lies. And to their own friends. I felt sorry for the person I asked. They felt they were put in the middle of an unseen battle. To this day I do not know the bases of this battle. Only because lies are used to hide the true feelings.

To conclude, why don’t people be honest with their feelings. It will save embarrassment and anxiety by telling the truth and not using the excuse that they don’t want to hurt the other person. In the end of lying only damage any possible reconcilement. And it makes an irreversible unneeded animosity and eventually pure stupid hatred.

Buonanotte a tutti. Sogni d’oro.

La casa sembra così vuota di notte. Maria è addormentata e nell’altra stanza è vuota. Come un buco nero che risucchia la vita fuori da questa vita. È così solo. L’amore di Maria e della mia vita sono stati portati via.

Solo Dio può riempire quel vuoto. Per favore prega per la nostra sanità mentale e la nostra anima.

Buonanotte a tutti. Sogni d’oro.

Remember the good

A time for contemplation. Good night everyone. Today is gone. What ever you have done, good or bad, is gone. The past. Nothing can be done to change. Now it is time to move forward. For those who chose to abandon you it is time to dust your shoes off. Leave them behind as if they never been a part of your life. Remember the good. And not the heart ache. Look to the future. That is the only way to make it to the top of the pyramid.

Sweet dreams my friends. Tomorrow is another day. A time to start fresh and make your dreams come true.

Beauty in your back yard

People go on the most expensive trips you can think of to relax and enjoy a new experience. Have you ever thought of looking in your own neighborhood. It would be less stress.

Come watch with me. Turnberry Isle, in the heart of Miami. It is like a different world.

Facebook, international in distribution. But still Western social media

Facebook is one of the greatest social communications vehicle in the world. It does well in the international realm. But it does not understand the international social etiquette and behaviors.

Many times I get a posting from my American friends to copy and paste to show you are a true friend. Well America, guess what. You do that outside the United States you just slapped them in the face. Friendship outside the domestic norm should and would never be tested.

Now for years they offer blocking. That is okay. But also they have now offered an option of not blocking. Temporary hiatus. You temporarily make them unable to see you. And vice versa. Two of my friends, at least I thought they were friends, did this hiatus not wanting to offend me. In other words I am your friend but for now I don’t want to see or hear from you or vice versa. Well guess what. You might as well unfriend them. They are still your friend but keep you at a far distance. That would be like telling your wife I want to be married to you and have all the privileges but live in my own apartment my own way for now. When I decide for you to have a relationship I will just come back and continue where our relationship left off. Is that absurd?

Sadly I ended this by unfriending them. This is a slap in the face to anyone with a cultural background outside the United States. Friends, like marriage , is not taken lightly. The cultures in the rest of the world takes friendship very seriously. It encompass trust and caring.

I have friends from the Middle East to the Far East to middle Asia to Europe and even the United States. Instead of putting them on a hiatus you should be honest and tell your problem with them. We are all adults.

So, yes Facebook is an international communications device. But it must become an anthropological learning communications device. And should educate the people in foreign social etiquette.

So remember when dealing with people outside your culture, study their culture. You do it in business. What may be right for you might be a slap in the face and being disrespectful. Open your eyes. Learn from others. And finally remember to respect each other’s ways.