Remember the good

A time for contemplation. Good night everyone. Today is gone. What ever you have done, good or bad, is gone. The past. Nothing can be done to change. Now it is time to move forward. For those who chose to abandon you it is time to dust your shoes off. Leave them behind as if they never been a part of your life. Remember the good. And not the heart ache. Look to the future. That is the only way to make it to the top of the pyramid.

Sweet dreams my friends. Tomorrow is another day. A time to start fresh and make your dreams come true.

Beauty in your back yard

People go on the most expensive trips you can think of to relax and enjoy a new experience. Have you ever thought of looking in your own neighborhood. It would be less stress.

Come watch with me. Turnberry Isle, in the heart of Miami. It is like a different world.

Facebook, international in distribution. But still Western social media

Facebook is one of the greatest social communications vehicle in the world. It does well in the international realm. But it does not understand the international social etiquette and behaviors.

Many times I get a posting from my American friends to copy and paste to show you are a true friend. Well America, guess what. You do that outside the United States you just slapped them in the face. Friendship outside the domestic norm should and would never be tested.

Now for years they offer blocking. That is okay. But also they have now offered an option of not blocking. Temporary hiatus. You temporarily make them unable to see you. And vice versa. Two of my friends, at least I thought they were friends, did this hiatus not wanting to offend me. In other words I am your friend but for now I don’t want to see or hear from you or vice versa. Well guess what. You might as well unfriend them. They are still your friend but keep you at a far distance. That would be like telling your wife I want to be married to you and have all the privileges but live in my own apartment my own way for now. When I decide for you to have a relationship I will just come back and continue where our relationship left off. Is that absurd?

Sadly I ended this by unfriending them. This is a slap in the face to anyone with a cultural background outside the United States. Friends, like marriage , is not taken lightly. The cultures in the rest of the world takes friendship very seriously. It encompass trust and caring.

I have friends from the Middle East to the Far East to middle Asia to Europe and even the United States. Instead of putting them on a hiatus you should be honest and tell your problem with them. We are all adults.

So, yes Facebook is an international communications device. But it must become an anthropological learning communications device. And should educate the people in foreign social etiquette.

So remember when dealing with people outside your culture, study their culture. You do it in business. What may be right for you might be a slap in the face and being disrespectful. Open your eyes. Learn from others. And finally remember to respect each other’s ways.

Power is an illusion

Have you ever heard the weakest point of the pyramid is the top. And the strongest is the base. That goes for anyone who is the owner, head, CEO, Chairman, or President of the company. The most powerful person or persons are the lowest part of the company. The base.

Before I came to West I was and still is the CEO of a company. I was the head and still the head of a group of people who was part of a think tank. And in 2014, February I, with the help of a fantastic Lady, got employed at West. She told me I had to dummy down. Don’t talk about myself with the exception of my new director. He knew all about me. He wanted someone who could think out of the box but not make it so obvious. I played that part for a while.

I went through all the orientation and all the initiations of the place. I felt like I was back in high school. But at that lowest level it was like being in a prison. They had their own rules. And because of the weak authority in that department they had the lead prisoner. In there it was the strongest who ruled. He was the bully of the group. It was being run like a cell block. They were very much separated from the rest of the hospital and they were expendable. That changed fast thanks to a nurse in the ER overnight shift. Everyone in Enviromental said you can’t do this. No one ever challenged the power. When he was brought into the office he cried like a baby. The supervisors were so scared of him that to appease him we both had to take a diversity class for the second time. He still works there pushing garbage.

But to get back to power is an illusion let us move a little further. One night the ER was packed. Rescues waiting in line. The manager thought she had no beds. She had no beds in rooms. But I had three beds in the hallway. She wait about a half hour not wanting to send a critical patient to another hospital. She was about to send them to another hospital. I blurted out I have three beds. Everybody looked at me. She ask an exasperated where. I replied S,T, and U. She looked at me. But they are hallway beds. I with no fear said change one of the patients that don’t need a monitor. She told me show her. She did not believe me. I did. She told me to run and get the rescue down there. They took one patient who did not need telemetry and switched. She breathed a sigh of relief.

She was the power but the power was not her’s. It was the Enviromental Tech. Observation and the risk of being ridiculed enable a cooperative relationship between Environmental and the ER staff.

Power is an illusion.

After that I observed every motion; every technique and studied. Went through my mind every verbal thought. There were many rules of protocol that I bent. Stupid rules that did not make sense. And I broke the biggest rule of them all, NOT MY JOB. Power and respect is gone when you utter the words, “Not my Job.” That is all I ever heard in the base of the structure. Those who uttered that are still cleaning bathrooms, dumping garbage, and changing linens.

Remember what I said in the beginning. The strongest part of the infrastructure is the base. Not the top. All the top officers are your weakest part of the company. They are not leaders without the base or the bottom of the company or any facility. After two years I very much convinced my supervisors I was reliable. I was more powerful than anyone there. Not because of title but because of the ability to influence and make people depend on me. To put their lively hood in my hands. I was trusted that I would not fail them. By the time I left in my third year I was in charge of the preparation of 5 departments. And I was in charge of myself. I was trusted by the administrator in making sure each morning Cath lab was ready. And other mangers in other departments. I did not give orders to others to fix what someone was too lazy to do. I did it myself.

Again Power is an illusion.

I can thank a man named Luis years before. Who was a regional manager. And one day told me that the employees here know he is in charge. But thinks you run the place. And they listen to you. And you know why? Because the way you carry yourself. You don’t throw your weight around , But when you talk to them and they are looking for guidance you speak softly and give them helpful advise that lifts them above all others. You carry yourself like you are the authority. And you have confidence in yourself. And the biggest attribute is that you are willing to admit when you are wrong and when you make a mistake.

Power is an illusion.

I am retired. But now I work harder than when I got paid. I am on the Patient Family advisory Council. Also participate in the Stroke Steering Committee. The power is irrelevant. Knowledge rules. And the illusion of power is within all of us. And the only way to have that power is not to boss around. But to have confidence in your intentions and in yourself. Humility is more powerful than arrogance.

Power is an illusion.

Hopelessness, why???

What is it with the rash of suicides today? And why are they calling people hero when they this sort of devastating event? Why are they willing to leave a child or the ones they love to escape?

We have to look at it not from the religious sense but the selfish sense. We have to look at the socioeconomic and from an anthropological study.

In history suicide was common among the Romans. They had their gods. But their true god was material things. They felt their pride and their reputation was more important than  the people who lived around them and those who love them. Honor became a hold on your life. Without honor there is no life. Another group were the Japanese. That goes back to ancient times. The warriors who died on the battle field or comeback in spirit. And a group way before the Romans or the Japanese were the Spartans. Their mothers told their son if you comeback in defeat you comeback laying dead on your shield.

Today, the honor has been replace by self-esteem, pride, and excuses. You wonder why on the latter the word would be excuses.

Excuses, today people do not admit fault. They blame others. They blame being bully. They blame their parents. They blame their loneliness. And they blame hallucinogenic drugs. Until man takes responsibility for their actions they will be unable to face their fears. The main fear is the fear of facing the truth. What is that? That we are human. We are imperfect. We are all in our own world. We have created our own world to escape reality. And it all goes back the the history of Sparta, Rome, and Japan. They could not face their failures.

Have you ever thought that at this moment it is the end of the world today. I want to die. You failed a test. One of your fellow classmate revealed a secret about you. Someone was making fun of your short comings. You went bankrupt. You’re homeless. It’s beneath your dignity to….  And where does it all lead back to? Ridiculous pride. It is not only that you could not face your classmates; or you could not face your friends; or you can not face your country club. There is nowhere to run. Well guess what. The only thing you fear is fear yourself. Fear your own judgement. It is not fearing God’s wrath. Suicides in the eyes of the church is hell. What is hell? Hopelessness. God, like our parents love you unconditionally. Like a parent that does not mean you will not go unpunished. But in the end you are forgiven. Not because you failed. But because you face the truth and admitted you were wrong.

We all have those days when we want to end it all. But there is always tomorrow. Go to sleep. It won’t go away. But it will be a lot easier to face those demons. Because you gave God and yourself another chance.


Peace be with you.