Subliminal Bulling 

Online bulling is a cancer that is spreading. And it is not always detectable. Bulling has evolved into many forms.

The most popular is direct bulling. You attack someone and sometimes stoppable. Then we have a new one that I have given the name Subliminal Bulling. Even sometimes the victim can’t even detect it. And it can come from a supposed friend. The biggest fertile ground is Social Media.  No fault of social media.  If the victim can’t detect it surely Social Media will not either.

What is the source? Quotes. Not saying all quotes. But a lot. Positive quotes are used as weapons to needle the victim. Sometimes the bully is envious. And first they have verbally hinted that they question integrity or even find you different. Ignore, easier than said.. The bully can’t call them out because they know it is probably not true what they are accusing. And you don’t want to put yourself in jeopardy in your work. So they  resort to quotes. From all different philosophers. And then they send it to their friends and try to hint who it is aimed at.

How do you defend yourself? You don’t. You take preventative action of being nice. While you are nice you keep your eyes open and look at this person’s background. Not by background check but who are his or her friends. Are they negative? Do they feel they are overlooked by Mr Nice guy. Are they gossipers. Are they covert in their bending of the rules. In other words are they living in a glass house.  Maybe feeling they are low on the caste system. And always feel they are look down. The only alternative is to  bring down and destroying others. And finally they have a gang mentality. Most will find that good people who follows the law and do the right thing are their enemies.

So next time you see a quote, before you like it, make sure that this person you know does not have an ulterior motive. To hurt someone. Because the next target or victim could be you.

Read into the quote. Quotes like the Bible can be turned into a weapon to get you power over others. When you press like you might be hurting the victim. And not realizing the damage you are doing to maybe your best friend. Always qualify what people are presenting.

Remember, a bully is only as strong as you make him or her. They feed off other’s affirmations.

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