Porkchop coming home

Tom: on the 5.

Maria: Yeah.

Tom: Porkchop coming home.

Friends, classmates, and co-workers play an important role in peoples lives. It plays a great part in my life. Sometimes it can be lonely around without your friends being there. But in the end who is there when you come home for the night? Who is by your side when falling asleep? Who is there when you receive from your doctor that you have cancer? Who is there when a family member is far away and you receive the news that they had died? A friend? A classmate? A co-worker? No. It is always a family member. A spouse, a husband, a wife, a life partner, a parent.

So when you say to your spouse who is sitting at home I going after work for some drinks with some friends, some co-workers, some classmates think hard. That spouse, that parent is sitting at home waiting for you. When you are in trouble or receive bad news will your friends be home or partying while you are crying? Or will your family as always will be there.

Just remember who will be there.

On the last night you lay your head down and close your eyes for the last time will be your spouse holding your hand tight. Never wanting to let go. And as you go to sleep for the last time your spouse will lean down and whisper, Porkchop finally you are going home my love. I love you.

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