The thankless profession. The legacy of a nurse.

For weeks this picture has stuck in my mind. Inspiring. Not because the individuals, Indi, Carla, and Sarah. But because they represent the most critical part of the hospital. They are the most important people in all hospitals.

The most loved and appreciated is represented by Carla, in the center of the picture. The paramedic. Sweet, patients love them. They take the blood. They comfort them. Always with a smile.
The most needed at the moment is represented by Indi on the right of Carla. The PCA. The traffic cop of the hospital. They guide the patient and their families. They make sense of the sometimes catastrophes.

And last, represented by Sarah, the Nurse in the background, selfless. They are the most important part of the hospital. Doctors don’t want to admit it. Even more important than they are. The unappreciated and underpaid; the most blamed; yet without them, documentation would not exist. The caring, the distribution of meds, the controlling of uncontrollable situations would be be a major problem. These are the unsung heroes. They absorb the brunt of abuse by patients, family members, supervisors, and co-workers. And you don’t hear a sound about their state of mind and body. The only thing you hear is how they can help that patient and their family.

This picture could be a billboard on a movie. Or a cover to a book. But the positions that the poses are in this picture are so real in the life of a hospital. So inspiring. And the poses were not planned. It was as if God painted this picture as it should be.
Good night my friends. Good night and sweet dreams to those who gives their lives to the sick and injured. Even to the dying. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

**I would like to thank the person who took the picture. Most inspiring.

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