My way of life. Enjoy every minute

Every Friday through Sunday my body is not mine. It belongs to a great team. A team that expects you not to take a breather. A team that you keep pushing and pressing every minute. Never giving up. Never thinking of yourself. Always thinking out of the box. Thinking about the unpredictability of the events facing you. And anticipating the unexpected.

Being tireless and never letting your fellow teammates know of your own pains. Keeping a smile. Continue motivating others while people in authority of your own team tries knocking you down. And you not letting any selfish in your face put you down. Show them that you are not affected by their small mind of delusions of grandeur.

This enduring weekend event demands more every time you go out their knowing that your support is their. And some of your team is making sure you don’t get the credit. But still you are bigger than them.That is what makes it worth your efforts.

So the next time your manager or head coach either knocks you down or takes the credit away from you to give to their cronies and undeserving, just remember who you are doing all this for. For the people you serve and yourself. Be proud of yourself. And stand up to all those with great pride. And look at those straight into their eyes. And say I am the best. And I don’t have to shout it out. Just perform your best.


Actions speaks louder than word. Are you talk the talk? Or walk the walk?

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