Weak leadership

Weak leadership does not always means heads of states. It also means as low as a supervisor on a shift. A weak leadership can be seen by the amount of chaos surrounding every facet of life. Today everywhere the world is out of control. And leaders are speaking loud. But no muscle behind their words.

So when you see disasters after disasters look toward your leaders. And see what they are saying. And when you feel like their words have no meaning. Or they are sitting back and hoping it goes away. Remember in the next election what was done. When our leaders can not control the situation we must take responsibility to stabilize the situations. We must take it upon ourselves to stand up and take control. By learning what not to place in office next time.

We must follow what Kennedy said in his inauguration. “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

Weak leaders become very powerful when the people become the spectators. By your actions you can control your leaders.

Think hard. Your world is crumbling beneath you.

What does retirement mean to me?

Retirement, is as big of a word as the big C, Cancer. The big R. Retirement, unlimited free time. You have to make wise decisions. Do you want to spend your time valuably? Or waste the rest of your lives? That is easy to do.

The first year I went aimlessly wasting my time. After a year of aimlessness I decided to make a different type of life. I got a part time job for the weekends. And weekdays are free.

I value my free time more than ever that I am in a very mundane job. Thank God I am not young and depending on this job. I am sadden by their euphoria. Such a waste of life.

But even this mundane job I learn to make the most. I learn to make an adventure and make each day personal.

And this is what you have to do with your free time. Make the most of what you have. Each day create an adventure. Even the smallest adventure is a new event in your life.

Life can be exciting without having a grandiose time. Every small facet can make a difference.

Live for the day. Don’t waste your life with unnecessary drama. And don’t waste your time with people who waste their time creating drama.

So retirement, as exciting and as good as you want it to be.

Make it happen.


In today’s world this is what keeps my sanity.

The Miraculous Medal of the Blessed Mother.

I wonder where have our world gone wrong.

It is not wars or starvation that is destroying mankind. It is the small unnoticeable chipping away of the daily immorality and illicit thinking.

Where shall we go? Today the solution is not a grandiose event. But individual reconciliation. And personal homage to the one God. It does not matter what names may God have. Only that it is the same God of all.