What is. Lent to you?

Like abraham!!!

With no disrespect, those who are sincere in God’s forgiveness and being Catholic, should not humility play a bigger part in what is Lent all about? I see a lot of Catholics parading around with ashes like it is a fashion wear.

It is interesting that Saint Francis was humble. And spoke about our Catholic faith being shallow and proud of their riches. He lived a lifetime of Lent. Are anyone today willing to live as Saint Francis did? A lifetime Lent without letting the whole world know.

Just to let you know I am Catholic. And I need to be humble. I am no Saint. Closer to Hell than Heaven. Not bragging but i try to pray for God’s forgiveness. I need it.

In Latin America some churches the people go up the stairs on their knees into the church. These people are hungry. Dress in rags. Now there…

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