The power of the media. The love of hate.

Sadly lately the news people don’t want to show the good in anyone. I am sickened that they promote the news to encourage violence and not the peaceful resolution in what is going on. They tend to be encouraging revenge instead of positive work to resolve the thinking of the American people. So far lately I am seeing the worse on Facebook from both sides. 

Seeking revenge on one person will not solve the deep seeded problem that exist. 

I have been all over the world. And been with many different customs and societies. And this week in Facebook I am shock by people. People I thought I knew. I have never seen so much hatred. And it really disappoint me. Today I talk with my Pastor about what I am seeing. And it seems you can see the enjoyment the news people report the worse behavior. I think that all of us must raise ourselves above these news people wants and work together to resolve and educate the future generation of everyone. This can not be solved in an instant. I thought that we have progress. But I am disappointed in the younger generation with their hate for each other. I feel like everything that has been worked for in the past 50 years has been destroyed. It is terrible.

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