My Livadia

I have lived a long life. And throughout the years I have seen the world get more cruel as the safety of hidden identity has been made possible. Hiding behind an avatar. It is so easy to be cruel and rude when you don’t have to come face to face.

Man has advanced in technology. But he has digressed to the original savage state he was. I would say a hundred years ago man was caring. Now he is only for himself. Now what makes right is one who can shouts loudest.

Admittedly there are many that have the old ways of being caring and polite.

I tell my wife that I am glad I am retired. I don’t have to deal with the cruel world outside. I can shut them out. And sometimes I come out and see what is happening. And say thank God I am here and they are there.

So if you are sadden by what is around you, just build your on Livadia. You might be so surprise how beautiful the world is.

Enjoy what you have. Enjoy the day. Enjoy your life.

Gore Trail, Vail Co.
Gore Trail, Vail Co.

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