Technology phobia

Have you ever notice that around Christmas new technology comes out. Now this year we have two types of Ipad are coming out. And everyone has to get them. No matter how much it cost. The Ipad mini for $329 and up. And the fourth generation Ipad $499 and up. Why do we need the new ones. It has only a few months since the last Ipad. Why do you have to get a new one when you still have a great one originally. Some have bought every one within the last three years or four years.

I bought the original first generation Ipad 64 gigabyte on the opening day. And I love it. Why should i buy another? It is still functional.


The next thing is what to do with our Iphones when we either upgrade or change carriers. Well I had the first original generation. And the third. Also 3S and 4. Plus the 4S. Now the 4 is still good so I gave that to my wife who had an old Blackberry. She loves it. The two 4S i still use. Yes I have two phones. two different carriers. And refuse to go to the 5. Why should I upgrade? I don’t see any reason. As to the past ones I am using them as readers and video players. I leave the old sim card and it will not ask for one. It will ask to activate but that is only once in while.

This also goes for the I touch and the Nano. I us the 1st generation 16GB for my TV programs. My 2nd genration 64GB for my photos and audio books. And old TV programs I can not transfer to an ipod. So through an app I use the 2nd generation i touch. And it is fully independent of itunes. Thanks to the cloud.

This one below is 3rd generation Nano with a camera 16 GB. I use it for video taping Skiing event. And next picture is the 1st generation i touch 8GB. The next photo is the 2nd generation i touch 64GB. All functional.Image



So why buy new ones when you have just as good of old ones that meets your needs.

It is like when I use to take the train. And sit by a person working on their laptop. I ask them what program they are using. And instead of buying it I built one like it to my wants. Before it was software.Now it is phones tablets and mp3 devices.Why buy new when you can be innovative with the old.

Truthfully i was ready to by the ipad mini for $325 at 16 GB. Why? When I could get a Nano Color or Tablet for $149 to $199 with a 32 GB card. Yes it won’t be an ipad. But how many of thier features do you use? Most people are using it for the basics. I use it for spreadsheets, word documents, and presentations. Doing my banking and watch movies and TV programs. Also you have to look at expandability. Is 16 GB enough? No it is not. And there is no card slot. No doubt you have the cloud. But then you have to be with Wifi. Not everywhere do you have Wifi. And you have the cloud for any device. Skydrive, Dropbox, 1&1, i cloud, and many more.

So think about it when you are buying mobile devices. Go with the pack and wonder why i got that. And have to upgrade again. Or buy a device that meets your needs that may be cheaper. And not be part of the in crowd. It will save you a lot of money, anxiety, and heart ache.

Be smart. Be yourself

** This is not an endorsement for any products mentioned. They are all good. Some better than others. This is showing you alternatives to the higher end. And in the end it is you and your needs that govern your decision.

2 thoughts on “Technology phobia

  1. Wow that’s a lot of devices!

    I only personally own 1 smartphone (Galaxy Note) and use our 2 family laptops which we share between 6 people.

    Only recently we have had an increase in gadgets such as 2 kindles for books (due to travel needs) and 3 other flip phones.

    You seem to really like Apple’s Products as well. Any advantage they give you other than looking cool and blending with the crowd?


    1. Those are over the years. Apple is the best. But I am sticking with my old devises. I am looking at 7 inch. So am leaning toward the nook. Tried the galaxy tablet. Was very much disappointed. I may no get anything yet.


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