Longing to having a conversation.

Today I was listening to a poem by Pablo Neruda. And I think of the movie Mindwalk. It is not a movie for people who loves action. But it is for listening to a good conversation. Not a conversation where you listen to yourself. But listen to all. And learn from their experience. No more is the conversation of the intellect. Today it is to bring about a point to be made. Or a shouting match. Today conversations are about yourself. And your petty thinking. Instead, you should be thinking of how I can contribute to the enrichment of each other.

I miss those beautiful conversations that keeps you up half of the night. And then after you ponder its meaning. This is a conversation. Not like Facebook or Twitter. A one way conversation.

Think of it sometime. And if you don’t understand what I mean, watch the movie Mindwalk. And if you never heard of Pablo Neruda, then go to the library. Read his poems.

You might learn something other than four letter words.

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