The murder victim’s face we never see

There is a campaign advertisement that says that we can not go backwards and deny the rights of women. The right to choose to do with their body as they wish and never be responsible.

And I am not talking to you as a man. But as a grandfather who will never see his grandchild’s face.

It was at least eight years ago. My oldest daughter had an abortion without our knowledge. She chose, without asking and talking with her family, to destroy a life. She told us all a year later. I reacted numb. Never giving an opinion. Just saying to her we would have taken care of this baby. This child would be a vibrant child of around 8.

I was very surprise at her action being her brother died a few years before. He was 25.

Each day I imagine what he or she would look like. It was already devastating losing a son. To now lose another child. And without the ability to save this child’s life.

Maybe all off you who chooses the idea of killing an unborn child is a right. But you should be shown the child that you just destroyed and their innocent face, maybe you might rethink your thoughts of your rights.

Or are you all cold hearted selfish bitches. Maybe we should send legislation to make abortion a capital crime. Then you yourself would have to face the death penalty for murder.

Of course you are not going to think about that. You think it is your right to kill.

Each day I pray that when I die I will be joined with my grandchild that I never saw here. And my son holding his pr her hand. Walking to welcome me into the promise land.