My turbulent and beautiful childhood.

My life as a child was a wonderful life. But it was also turbulent. Full of fun and loving times in Europe, my home. I remember my friend Anna who knew four different languages. Then our maid Berta. My friends next door. The smells of good food. Goulash was my favorite. It was fun until the invasion of Hungary.

I never forget the night of the invasion. And all the women and children in our base were gathered for a meeting. Instructing us how to evacuate and where to go. Pictures was taken of us. Always ready with our suitcase to flee during the night. And even with this fear we all had a good childhood. A childhood of love. Of friendship. All looking out for each other.

I love my life in Europe.








These are pictures of me and my family.

It shows that no matter what material items you may have family and friends are the most important thing in life.

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