Campaign ignorance

To start I am not going to tell you how to vote. But I am going to tell you how not to make an idiot out of yourself.

First of all, do not take these campaign advertisements as truth. They play on your emotions and your ignorance.

Example: The one about plan parenthood and women’s rights. First the abortion Supreme Court Ruling. The only people that can overturn the ruling is two ways. The Supreme Court can overturn their own ruling. Second, a contitutional amendment. Do you notice how many amendments there are. Not many in two hundred years plus. It takes 2/3 majority of the states to ratify an amendment.

So women, quit thinking by the guy’s looks and his charismatic speeches. Start looking at past records. Quit being so emotional. Start thinking. What you are putting on Facebook and Twitter are making you look like fools. You are making the rest of the country wonder if you were given the right to vote in error. Remember, evrey dictator was charismatic. He was able to hypnotize the people into following him. Read your history and see what is in the candidates that could raise a red flag.

Today I saw a group on Facebook that claims a judge in Texas claim the if the President gets re-elected there will be civil war. I doubt that. Where are you people coming from. This country have survived bad Presidents and good Presidents. Let the system take care of itself.

The income tax. If the candidate did not pay his income tax he would be in jail. IRS are unmerciful.

Next is the new movie that is coming out called 2016. Very valid. And based on what the President has written. But also very bendable. Subjective interpretations. Not saying the movie is wrong. Actually more right. But you must weigh the issues here. Can a President get away with these things in the movie. The contitiution protects our country from a rogue President. And history has shown that the President can not do what he wants without someone looking over his shoulder. No doubt I do fear what this President represents. But I trust the Constitution of the United States to protect us from such a person’s action.

Really the best way to judge these two gentlemen is to look at their past and then make a decission.

For the President, that will be easy. What has he done in the last four years? If he is promising something, why did he not do it in this last four years? Look at his campaign before he became President. How much did he lie then? How much came true in his administration that he promised? And where does the country stands healthwise? Is it in better shape now than when he took it over? Or is it worse? Look at statistics. Use your heads. Stop using your emotions. Ladies, your are the best at being bosses when it comes to private corporations. Why can’t you do the same when it comes down to politics?

As the challanging candidate, that is harder. He is untried. So you go on his past. But mostly look at how bad it might be right now. And think is this guy capable of getting us out of the mess we are in today. Can it get worse? Or are we at the bottom and anything we do can only get better.

So people, both men and women, look at the truth. Stop looking at the image. Look at the negative campaigns. Why are they doing it that way? Is it because their record is so bad that they can not talk about their accomplishments? Look at these two men and ask what will your future be the next four years. Will you be on the unemployement line searching for Romney’s tax returns or Obama’s birth certificate. Look at what is important to you. Not what these guy’s lifestyles are. They will not feed your family or keep a roof over your head by their speeches or their looks. It will be by their actions.

So people don’t revolt. Don’t speculate. Use the most powerful weapon in our country, the ballot box

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