Freedoms lost

This morning I was writing a blog of my true feelings toward what was happen in our world. About destroying all the foundations that made our country great. Then I chose to delete it.

Today if you are part of a certain group that is self centered you have the freedom to speak. More like shout. But if you are the opposing belief, you can not speak or write. You are considered a bigot, a segregationist. A criminal. We are not talking about race. We are talking a choice of lifestyle.

If we speak our minds we lose our jobs or ruin our business. The sad part about today is freedom of speech is not all views respected. It is if you don’t agree with the ones who shout the loudest that is freedom of speech. A silent police state by a society.

Where is our freedom to speak without fear? What happened to the four freedoms?

We need to think a lot on this. Or we will become a self inflicted police state.

Really think about it. Sometimes what is politically correct may not always be right or good.

Remember this, freedom of speech may not always be what you want to hear. But maybe what you say may not be always appealing to others. Respect their opinion as they would respect yours.



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