Lets not excuse or give a reason for the killings in the theatre

I ask you why are the news people trying to label and have a reason for this tragedy? Every time a disaster happens at the hands of man everyone has to have an excuse. My parents abused me. I was bullied by other kids when I was a child. I was raised by my single mother. And my favorite from my oldest daughter was I was not a good provider. I did not give everything she wanted.

Why not say the truth, this person is Pure Evil. A Devil. Selfish. An animal. I rescind that. Animals don’t kill for fun. When I look at the face of this person smiling I see Pure Evil. And what do you do with Pure Evil? You don’t make excuses. You don’t even give him the enjoyment of watching himself being talked about on television. And this bull of forgiving, you don’t forgive Pure Evil. You destroy it and don’t give him the pleasure of being remembered. Stricken from the book of life. Yes we have all done wrong. But we have not done the ultimate Evil, murder.

In Rome the important part of life was to be remembered. If they were not remember it was the worse thing to happen to you.

So let us not make this Pure Evil person famous. Destroy him not only physically but in spirit. Let us rid him of our minds.

Only remember the families and the victims of this terrible weekend. Pray for them. Give them the love they are entitle.

See how easy is to not talk of the Evil one. Just remember those victims and their families.

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