Who should be responsible

Today an article in the New York Times about two Classes, divided I Do.

It seems like our present and past administrations feels that we as a society should take care of the people who chose to have children at a drop of a hat. They feel that we must take responsibility for their sexual wants. That the churches and their insurances must change their morality to be politically correct.

Instead the government needs to act like a parent and say no to those who choose to play and not pay the price. Not saying that all unwed mothers are looking for handouts. And they are to be admired for taking the responsibility for their own actions.

It is sad we are so blind to the fact that our government and the tax payers are paying for a woman or man’s indiscretion. When are our people going to take responsibility for their actions? And stop blaming everyone. How about start paying the price for what we all do? Today we all have an excuses and labels. Like our parents the US doesn’t have bottomless pockets to pay. This is the reason for our problems in our country. Tough love is needed. Tough decisions need to be made. Or this crisis will grow to a cataclysmic ending.

Wake up America.

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