Premature aging and death

The other day I was watching a commercial where a young girl had 600 plus friends on Facebook. And her parents had 19. She was unaware that her parents were active and outside.

Sadly the social network is a full time life experience. The writing is on the wall my friends. People under 60 are dying like flies. Before everyone was blaming it on the food. How about instead blame it on how you are living your life. I am saying my life is not perfect fitness. But I am not sitting around on my social network getting excited as to what someone found on the Internet.

Today people share a lot of other people’s pictures. Showing there is a beautiful world out there. How about instead of sharing those other people’s pictures and live. Live the moment. Enjoy life. Go out there and live.

When people tell me they spent their week vacation at home, I say to myself what a waste. Now I have had the ultimate revelation. My friend spent his whole week vacation on Facebook. Sorry my friend that is really a gigantic waste.

No doubt as active as I am climbing mountains,; staying in shape; going on worldly adventures; I could die in an instant. But at least I am not waiting for death.

Create goals in your life and fulfill them. Do something alive. Instead of gathering friends on Social Network to come to you funeral.

Have no regrets in your life. Take a chance. Sometimes it can really hurt. But that hurt is worth the memories you will have.

Freedoms lost

This morning I was writing a blog of my true feelings toward what was happen in our world. About destroying all the foundations that made our country great. Then I chose to delete it.

Today if you are part of a certain group that is self centered you have the freedom to speak. More like shout. But if you are the opposing belief, you can not speak or write. You are considered a bigot, a segregationist. A criminal. We are not talking about race. We are talking a choice of lifestyle.

If we speak our minds we lose our jobs or ruin our business. The sad part about today is freedom of speech is not all views respected. It is if you don’t agree with the ones who shout the loudest that is freedom of speech. A silent police state by a society.

Where is our freedom to speak without fear? What happened to the four freedoms?

We need to think a lot on this. Or we will become a self inflicted police state.

Really think about it. Sometimes what is politically correct may not always be right or good.

Remember this, freedom of speech may not always be what you want to hear. But maybe what you say may not be always appealing to others. Respect their opinion as they would respect yours.



Lets not excuse or give a reason for the killings in the theatre

I ask you why are the news people trying to label and have a reason for this tragedy? Every time a disaster happens at the hands of man everyone has to have an excuse. My parents abused me. I was bullied by other kids when I was a child. I was raised by my single mother. And my favorite from my oldest daughter was I was not a good provider. I did not give everything she wanted.

Why not say the truth, this person is Pure Evil. A Devil. Selfish. An animal. I rescind that. Animals don’t kill for fun. When I look at the face of this person smiling I see Pure Evil. And what do you do with Pure Evil? You don’t make excuses. You don’t even give him the enjoyment of watching himself being talked about on television. And this bull of forgiving, you don’t forgive Pure Evil. You destroy it and don’t give him the pleasure of being remembered. Stricken from the book of life. Yes we have all done wrong. But we have not done the ultimate Evil, murder.

In Rome the important part of life was to be remembered. If they were not remember it was the worse thing to happen to you.

So let us not make this Pure Evil person famous. Destroy him not only physically but in spirit. Let us rid him of our minds.

Only remember the families and the victims of this terrible weekend. Pray for them. Give them the love they are entitle.

See how easy is to not talk of the Evil one. Just remember those victims and their families.