Identity theft, who is really your biggest enemy

Tonight the nightly news had a warning about your need to change your password on your social network. Sorry to say that is useless when you are still undermining your Internet protection by your daily actions.

They say not to give out your personal information on the Internet or the phone.

Well people, buying for the protection of your computer and internet service and also shredding your papers might be a fruitless effort.


Lets start showing how you are physically opening the door to your private information being given and sold legally to thieves. You do it everyday when you are shopping. Buying coffee. Buying entertainment. Even buying from the simplest place like a grocery store. Every time you give out your phone number, your email, your address you are giving the thieves access to your life. You would be surprise how we volunteer our information.

Example: reward cards, every time you buy something they ask your email or telephone number or even your zip code.

They sell your information to anyone who has the money. I can get everything on you. Who your neighbors within a five block radius were since the time you were born. Address and phone number for $39 plus. And without having your social security number.

So first before you become hack proof on your computer and internet hack proof yourself on the street. Who are you sharing your information with? That is a question you need to examine. You never know who is willing to pay for your information.

You might be buying more than you are planing for.

Who are we to believe

We have an interesting election on our hands. We have a President who keeps saying what he would do to solve the economic strife in the U.S.. But instead of speaking about the unemployed, how about doing something about it. He is in power to remedy this situation. A President of all talk and no action. And full of diversions.

Then you have the Republicans got us into this mess. Can we believe their candidate.

Where is a third party candidate of substance when you need them. One that can make the difference.

Where are the politicians that tell the truth. Not all talk and a lot of action. Think deeply in this election. Do not decide because of religious belief or how charismatic they are.

Examine both. Make an intelligent decision. And do your duty and VOTE!!!!!!