Whose business is it????

Today a social network has created an adult peer pressure. It is not enough that we have as many friends as everyone else that we don’t know. Now we can count how many friends are donating organs. Shall we be like certain nationalities and donate for money? Shall we be the king of the organ donors and pound our chest?

First of all I have no problem with people donating organs. I do have a problem that in the US the organs are going to the ones who can afford it. You must raise enough money to receive. Open your eyes people. Look at the celebrities that are getting livers from donors. People who abused their bodies by drinking and/or drugs all their lives.

Check it out.

Story time. A family in a poor neighbor had a child needing a transplant. She died before they could raise enough money. While a wealthy child received the life saving organ.

The question is not that we donate organs. But we change the system that all are equal in receiving. Not where the rich live on the bodies of the poor.

And finally when should we publish what we give. Are we that self centered of a nation. And also what business is of anyone as to who donates and not donates. Can that be used against you for getting a job.

It is nice that the social network is making it possible and easier. But they and no one else needs to know what you are doing.

How about a little privacy. And less peer pressure. Let us do it for the right reason. We have a lot of people on soapboxes already. Lets not make a fad or show out of a good deed. Lets be sincere.

And lets change the protocol on how recipients are pick.

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