Are our spirit in the right place?

For the first time mankind knows what the people of ordinary thinking is thinking. Since the beginning of recorded history only people of great education are able to share their thoughts. Now we must hear the smallest and most inept thoughts of everyone. From one’s caring for animals to a sex craze pornographic mind. And all flock to listen to what they have to say. But when it comes to life and what is needed to survive in this world it is ignored.

Why is society so shallow that it doesn’t see the writing on the wall? Why is it we get ninety, a hundred response on small talk? Yet the subject of conscience or faith or thought is not even one. Are we so shallow that we do want to face the truth? Eventually we will have to face our maker. And will he ask if you should have kissed on our first date. Should I sleep with her or not. What are we looking for?

Think about that. Is there more to life than ourselves? Remember you have to admit to your maker. And no matter what your Facebook friends may say only you can save you. Not those friends. Who disappear when you are in in your grave. Your spouse your parents are the only ones who will care for you.
So the next time you want to make a statement in Facebook think of what you are going to say to your maker.

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