The Hunger games and what it means to each individual.

The Hunger Games is the most popular books and movie for now. What makes it popular is that it can have different meanings for every individual. For some is to get a bow and arrow and be like the girl on fire. For others being fit. For most it is a fad. For me at my age is something very deep. Especially the third book. That is my favorite and the most meaningful.

At the end, chapter 26 and 27 she reviews all she had done in her life. Who she killed; who she saved; and who she had loved. At my age I too look at my life with the idea that I am closer to the maker than I have ever been.

Sometimes I have been reckless in my decisions. Sometimes I have been thoughtful. Some I regret and some I don’t. But looking back, even the bad ones I have no regrets. I might have done somethings different. But maybe not. But the big question is for all the bad things I did can I forgive myself. Not if someone else can forgive. Can I forgive myself. That is more important. You are the one who has to live with your past. That was the posing question and torture of the Girl on Fire. She got to see all of the people in her past. As we do. Some we lost touch. Some we wasted. And some are gone. Those who are still here we learn to hold on to them and cherish.

We can look back and learn to forgive ourselves. The hell with everyone else. You can not please everyone. And this is what I got out of the books. Very meaningful.


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