Vail Vacation, good and bad on the first day

This is the first day arriving. An overwhelming event of beauty. A time you must be cautious of your body’s needs. A need for air. You must be careful not to overdo and overexert yourself. If you do you will end up being sick for a few days from the altitude. And ruin part of your vacation. So rest a few hours when you arrive.  The air is a lot thinner.

After a few hours you can start to enjoy yourself. But still wait for the next morning is recommended. This will give you enough time to really acclamate to the altitude.

In the evening of your first day you just want to enjoy the dining. There are a wide price range of eateries. The average price can be from $2 to $30 per person. Now you wonder where you can go for that low a price. $2, $3, $4, $5. Surprisingly the Fish n chips is only $5. And enough for two meals. This is at the Evergreen Lounge. Then you can get a Buffalo Burger for $18. That too is enough for two meals. There are other places that are higher. All good. So meals can fit what ever budget you may be required to keep.

In the Western United States dining is not the typical city gourmet anorexic type of a meal. The meals  are large and sustaining. You will never starve. Meals in the West are homely. And the servers are like family. They treat you like old time friends whom are visiting their home.

So next time you go West be ready for hospitality. Be ready for an incredible first day. Just remember. Take it slow the first day. And you will have a most exciting vacation.

Next Day two.

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