Speak less and live more

Did you ever notice that the people who tells you how to live don’t live. They do a lot of talking. They tell you how you should think before you speak so that you don’t insult anyone. But when they are criticizing you are they not insulting you. When they try to impose their lifestyle upon you are they not asking you to respect their ways. What happen to them respecting your ways?

What happen to live and let live? What happen to minding your own business?

When they talk about teens influence by peer pressure. Are adults not the same? The boss belongs to a gym. So you must join the same gym. When the next door neighbor gets a new flat screen we must follow. What is the difference between the peer pressure of a teen as to an adult?

Why must you go to church to love God? Why must you stand on a soap box to express your beliefs? Instead why not show by example and speak less.

I may not go to church. I may not raise my hands up to the sky in public to show how devoted I am. I may not be able to quote the bible every verse. But I do know what is in my heart. I do know what it means to be at peace and still not be a part of a group. A peer group.

So people who think they know what is best for everyone just live your own beliefs and let others believe the way they want.

It would be a better world.

A lesson to be learn from the Bachelor.

I have to admit I was wrong. Good morning everyone.

At first I thought he was an idiot to pick Courtney. Now I see she was an idiot to accept him. He is a wimp. If he left her on the way she acted on the program then what is he going to do in real life. If they lose the house, is he going to leave her. If she gets cancer is he going to leave her. Courtney should have trust issues on him.

Our marriage has been a roller coaster ride. And we have stuck together. Through many deaths, many illnesses, many possible fatal accidents. And yet we stuck by each other.

I know a new platform to proposing marriage on this program. The last week live in Overtown, Watts, Harlem, any poor neighbor. Wearing dirty tshirt. Cooking macaroni and cheese, the powdered cheese. And propose to her with a cheap ring from a pawn shop. Now that is true love.