Take responsibility for our way of life

Every time a celebrity dies we see on Facebook and television accolades given. Accolades for a person who abused their bodies with drugs and alcohol. Always said a life cut short or in the prime of their lives.

How about celebrities taking responsibility for their actions. No one force these celebrities to do these acts.

No doubt it is a tragedy when some young abused themselves to the point of dying of heart failure. In other words those who abuse them selves with drugs might as well put a gun to their head and end it.

We need to stop idolizing these people to the point of destroying themselves. How many more are to die by their fans rewarding them for their bad behavior? And when are the fans who have kids who mentors these people realize that there are better ordinary people that they can mentor after.

This is not about Whitney’s death. But all the celebrities who are alive and forget young people are following their examples. And for those who died of drug related deaths and honored. I don’t see the fans honoring those men and women who gives up their lives for their.country. I don’t see kids mentoring them.

Wake up America. These kids who are mentoring those celebrities that are losers are your future leaders.

Like we say no to drugs. When we say no drunk driving. When we say no to smoking. When are we going to say no to bad behaving celebrities? When are we going to wake them up and see when they die and are in the coroners hands they are the same rotting corpse laying on the slab as any other common dead person.

Wake up. Life is to precious to waste it.

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