Circle of life

Large corporations are laying off people by the thousands to save money and make profits. Banks are keeping their money to make money. And loans not being made. And uncirculated money means no growth. Department stores are getting rid of full time employees to survive.

The consumers are using credit cards, and overspending. Maxing out their credit. and yes we are spending now. But how long will this last? Soon this spending and paying the bills will end without jobs. Banks will turn their loans to collections. Houses will be lost. Cars will be repossessed. Wages will be garnish.

What wages will be garnish? What cars will be taken away? What credit cards will be cancel?

Now what profit will be made by the corporation who layed thousands of people off? What stores who only have part time will have people shopping? When there is no money made from the people who lost their full time jobs. Where are the bank profits when no one can buying the foreclose houses or the repo cars?

The circle of life.

Initial greed only ends the large corporations who chose not to share their profits with those who works for them. The circle of life tends to bring the Goliath down.

Now the poor are crying at the hands of the greedy corporation. But soon the greedy corporations will be crying by their own greed.

The Circle of life

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