Science and the Tower of Babel

How close are we attaining the answers to God’s nature; His origin; his reason for our existence?

Actually, we are not. As many theories we come up with that are either dead ends or more questions raised. I am a researcher and all my life I have had questions. And still no answers. Originally the Higgs particle was going to be the answer to all the questions. Not!!! String theory too was to be the answer too. Now black matter and Multiple Universes are the future answers. Like the Tower of Babel, all men were confused by different languages imposed upon them by God. And every turn we make to understanding the nature of the universe new dead ends and new questions are imposed. Our modern Tower of Babel.

The message is that no matter how much intelligence we have God and his nature can never be understood. Not even Satan was able to understand.

We must accept our fate. The only answer to these question in Blind Faith.

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