Black Friday retail scam

Before going out on Black Friday check out the ads of a few weeks before. All the sales on Black Friday are the same. The only difference is one or two items that are extremely price cut. But read the fine print. Limited 3 to each store.

Are people this stupid to fall for it? Yes they are. We in the US are ranked 9th in the world for education. And it is getting worse.

Stores should be held accountable for causing such violence in their business. And the idiots who goes out there deserves the violence made against them.

The best and safest place to shop is from home and online.

I am the extreme. I do not shop outside. And I only associate those I already know. And increase my social life through friends of friends. Online you can do anything you want. From going to church to learning to keeping fit. And finally you can shop and build a better world around yourselves. And still I am extremely active by travel and going to events in a safe way.

Our society has become an aggressive and violent society because of the lack of education. And the only ones we can blame is ourselves. Opportunities are there. And we are the only ones to blame for all that goes on in this world.

Happy Black Friday:-).

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