ZPG for Grandpa

Women’s choice I have always respected. It is their body. Well I had a rude awakening when it hits close to home.

It has been at least seven years ago since my oldest daughter had an abortion. I now have not heard from her in the last three years. From either of my daughters. Every time I see Jenny, who is my niece of five, I see the beauty of what would have been different if my oldest daughter did not abort her baby. Jenny calls me grandpa.

Now I feel empty and angered. I do not understand why people are so hostile about Casey Anthony when this happens every day. Every hour. And not even a shout. Babies that are murdered everyday and no judgment held against them.

We already had a son who died in our family. My oldest daughter criticized both her mother and I for being poor parents. But she did not even have the guts to show us that she can do a better job. At least we tried. She, like others are big mouths who takes the easy way out.

Do what you want. But when you take the easy way out and not take responsibility for your selfish actions just shut your mouths. You have no idea what means to be a parent.

When you only think of yourself it not only affects yourself but all your family. Now I may someday take you back if you want to come back. Or maybe not. At least your parents did not take the easy way out and kill their unborn child. Next time you think of doing that imagine if your parents would have done that to you. You would not be here to do this selfish act.

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