Retailers, you got to be kidding

Okay, yes it is sad when retail greed rules over family. But which is worse? Retailers opening Thanksgiving night. Or Sears and JCP claiming they are not doing the same because they believe in family. Please. Who are they fooling? Did Sears forget they opened last year Thanksgiving morning. Sorry, we don’t forget. The only reason Sears did not do it this year because it cost more to keep the stores open. And JCP would do the same if it were profitable. So Sears tell the truth. You started this.

So Sears and JCP don’t act so high and mighty. You will be there next year along with the rest because of profits.

If you are supporters of family you should donate the profits made on Thanksgiving to the homeless kitchens.

And the public, you need to control your spending. And live in your means.

And boycott these stores. It is wrong for these employees to be taken away from their families. Christmas is next.

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