Today I had the pleasure in meeting again an old classmate, Richard. He is a deacon at our church. I try to attend when I am in the area.

To me, even though I travel on adventures all around the world. I find that his journey out does any adventure I could go on. My journeys have taken me to all parts of the world. But his journey has taken him to a place where no exotic or daring adventure could take you. And that is the heart and soul of our being. He is a traveler of the heart and the spirit. And he never had to leave his house.

I have visited temples, mountain caves. Mountain peaks to deserts. From majectic waterfalls to ice masses of the Arctic. And to both hemispheres. And my adventures could never match the beauty and incredible experience of his. He is on the greatest adventure. The adventure of the heart and soul. And finding the nature of our Creator.

Happy Holidays

Black Friday retail scam

Before going out on Black Friday check out the ads of a few weeks before. All the sales on Black Friday are the same. The only difference is one or two items that are extremely price cut. But read the fine print. Limited 3 to each store.

Are people this stupid to fall for it? Yes they are. We in the US are ranked 9th in the world for education. And it is getting worse.

Stores should be held accountable for causing such violence in their business. And the idiots who goes out there deserves the violence made against them.

The best and safest place to shop is from home and online.

I am the extreme. I do not shop outside. And I only associate those I already know. And increase my social life through friends of friends. Online you can do anything you want. From going to church to learning to keeping fit. And finally you can shop and build a better world around yourselves. And still I am extremely active by travel and going to events in a safe way.

Our society has become an aggressive and violent society because of the lack of education. And the only ones we can blame is ourselves. Opportunities are there. And we are the only ones to blame for all that goes on in this world.

Happy Black Friday:-).

ZPG for Grandpa

Women’s choice I have always respected. It is their body. Well I had a rude awakening when it hits close to home.

It has been at least seven years ago since my oldest daughter had an abortion. I now have not heard from her in the last three years. From either of my daughters. Every time I see Jenny, who is my niece of five, I see the beauty of what would have been different if my oldest daughter did not abort her baby. Jenny calls me grandpa.

Now I feel empty and angered. I do not understand why people are so hostile about Casey Anthony when this happens every day. Every hour. And not even a shout. Babies that are murdered everyday and no judgment held against them.

We already had a son who died in our family. My oldest daughter criticized both her mother and I for being poor parents. But she did not even have the guts to show us that she can do a better job. At least we tried. She, like others are big mouths who takes the easy way out.

Do what you want. But when you take the easy way out and not take responsibility for your selfish actions just shut your mouths. You have no idea what means to be a parent.

When you only think of yourself it not only affects yourself but all your family. Now I may someday take you back if you want to come back. Or maybe not. At least your parents did not take the easy way out and kill their unborn child. Next time you think of doing that imagine if your parents would have done that to you. You would not be here to do this selfish act.

Florida, the police state of the union?

An interesting conclusion, is Florida the police state capital of the world? Not as to law enforcement officer but a state of mind.

Today I was at Aventura mall taking pictures of the Christmas decorations. I took hundreds of pictures. A long time young beautiful friend tapped me and made a kidding comment. Gave her a hug and kiss and talked for about an hour. After we departed our own ways and I was taking a picture of a hanging ornament from the ceiling. I was approached by an over zealous security guard that I was not allowed to take pictures of the stores. I told her I wasn’t. I was taking pictures of the christmas decorations. She said to take pictures of someone else to be taking pictures. I press the issue and she walked away. I continued to take pictures of the christmas decorations. Other guards walked by and no problem. Just to let you know I was not using a phone camera but a real camera with lenses that can zoom in on a person across a football field length wise. This is not the first time this has happened. In palm beach a policeman stopped me and I was taking a picture of the beautiful architecture of its city hall. The arch. My wife and I were almost arrested. But his partner told him to leave us be.

I have been to two communist countries and one war zone. And all over the world and never been stop. Also I took pictures openly in the US capital and Supreme Court. No one stop me. And there they have snippers targeting you.

What happened to the land of the free. I am proud of my country. So what is happening in Florida? Are they seceding from the union:-).

Retailers, you got to be kidding

Okay, yes it is sad when retail greed rules over family. But which is worse? Retailers opening Thanksgiving night. Or Sears and JCP claiming they are not doing the same because they believe in family. Please. Who are they fooling? Did Sears forget they opened last year Thanksgiving morning. Sorry, we don’t forget. The only reason Sears did not do it this year because it cost more to keep the stores open. And JCP would do the same if it were profitable. So Sears tell the truth. You started this.

So Sears and JCP don’t act so high and mighty. You will be there next year along with the rest because of profits.

If you are supporters of family you should donate the profits made on Thanksgiving to the homeless kitchens.

And the public, you need to control your spending. And live in your means.

And boycott these stores. It is wrong for these employees to be taken away from their families. Christmas is next.

Hello Republicans. Wake up

55% of Republicans find Cain’s sexual harassment irrelevant. Are you people stupid? You worry and make an issue about Mormons with Romney. And then you are not worried about a man who allegedly has degraded women in the work place.

What bothers me is not the act of ten years ago but the reaction of the Republican party, irrelevant.

Ladies of the Republican party are you ready to go back twenty years when the only way you can move up is sleeping up.

And you so call Christians, where are you ethics and morals?

I am not satisfied this administration now. But I am surely not going to back a man that allegedly can not control his dog attributes. Anyone who has the inability to control his sexual wants is lower than a dog in heat.

Ladies wake up. Your dignity is at stake here.