The line

A tyrant. What do we do with tyrants? Yes tyrants kills others
and destroys survivor’s lives.

Today we saw a tyrant killed in the streets. When we resort to that we need to ask ourselves the question. When we kill a fellow human being, no matter what his crimes may be, without due process, what differs us from him? No doubt he deserve death. But we should not lower ourselves to their levels? And review all situations. See what other government ties with this animal. How were we getting our resources?

This is not to say we are wrong. We just need to look at our selves in the mirror and see if our reflectIon is of that monster.

So think before we continue in celebration. Who are we killing? The monster dragged in the streets or ourselves? Where do we draw the line? Are we any different? Or are we that tyrant that some day we will be dragged in the streets and shot? An exhibit to be displayed?

So think first.