Fahrenheit 451

Have you ever watch your local news. Here we have a woman anchor that has a fake smile and portrays that they know what is best for you. All excited shows what you need to do to eat right. Join this club. And these pathetic women like robots follow her.

Then it is your reality shows. You are cheering for the bad guy to nail the other. And they get a prize for being nasty.

Let us all join and be happy. Then when we are alone without the TV we take pills to bring our happiness back. We are so shallow that we wear the same clothes, whether fat or skinny. You look so beautiful. Even though you are busting out or looking like you are from starving Africa.

In other words, to talk your lingo, forget living your own life. And be like your TV reality hero with ill manners and bad breath. Then when you are at the end of your life you can answer the question at the gates. Who are you? “uh…..the situation?????

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