The greatest part of life is the unexpected. Instead of considering that bad, welcome it as an adventure. In the future you will look back and see it was not so bad after all. Take it by the horns and enjoy the conquest when you turned it into a positive.

Where are the heroes.

What happened to hero worshiping? Today people says God will take care of us. Even in the days of Moses there were heroes. Is not Christ a hero? Is not Mohammid a hero? And no matter how imperfect John Kennedy was a hero. John Glenn, astronaut was one.

Today the heros are falling.

It is up to us to take the banner. In our small ways we can make a difference.

How about it. Are we ready? Lets go for it.

Short term


We have elected new people who promised to bring the deficit down. But no one thought of the ramifications. What are they cutting? Are they thinking of what will effect the people who elected them?

We have a governor who says he is going create 700,000 jobs. But he has laid off teachers, and government workers. No doubt there is a lot of waist in government. But to penalize the future of this country is short sighted. The education in the state of Florida and other states are poor. Shall we make it worse?

So next time you vote, make sure you know the cost of your vote.